Hot Tub Discount Ex-Display DealsDue to the rate at which Vita Spa upgrade and update their models, we periodically sell off our display at a discount which enables us to ensure that our showroom continues to reflect what customers should expect when receiving their spa.

Taking advantage of our ex-display deals is a great way to get a world-class hot tub for well below the going rate.  Although our hot tubs change on an annual basis, usually the differences between the new and the previous year’s models is minimal. For example, this year Vita Spa introduced slightly different sides with highlighted aluminium strips between the panels.

Ex-display deals running out – Only 4 ‘manager special’ deals remaining:

  • Chateau 700 (Marble / Mocha)
  • Cabaret 700 (Marble / Mocha)
  • XS Swim Spa (Marble / Mocha) Manager’s Special
    10-15% saving plus free extras and *installation  (*subject to site visit)
  • XSP Swim Spa (Marble / Grey)
  • XL4 Swim Spa + Covana Legend  (Marble / Mocha)    SOLD
  • Mystique 700 (Marble / Grey) – SOLD
  • Monarch 500 (Tuscan / Mocha)   SOLD
  • Joli 500 (Marble / Grey) – SOLD
  • Grand 500 (Marble / Mocha)   SOLD
  • Envie 500 (Marble / Grey)   SOLD

Please contact us for more information.
All our prices for new tubs are clearly listed (see here). However, ex-display deal prices are too complicated to list due to a number of factors. Please call us with your post code and a description of your property for more information.

CALL 01329 832294