Integrating the most innovative solutions and technologies in thermal hydrotherapy, Vita Spa XStream swim spas combines the best aspects of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms, offering you the utmost in spa fitness experience.

With a superior filtration system and energy efficient insulation built-in a lifetime steel structure, our swim spas use flowing streams of water to create a home environment ideal for fitness, relaxation and healing. Hydrotherapy hot tub seats, fully adjustable exercise swim-jets that will enhance your technique, sound systems of exceptional quality, bluetooth technology, complete connectivity and control, all at the tip of your finger.

Whether it is to party with friends and family or to relieve the stress after a long day in your very own oasis of tranquility, the Vita Spa range of swim spas are perfect.


Swim Training

Swimming has long been known as one of the most beneficial exercises to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, increasing blood circulation, improving the muscular flexibility and strength, releasing stress and tension and renewing body energy. Our Swim Spa employs an impressive water propulsion system that works in concert with its open floor design. Strategically placed jets provide variable levels of intensity to match different ability levels and resistance requirements. Deep water jets create a complete resistance pattern that ensures a smooth stream of water throughout the depth of the Swim Spa, making swimming and aqua-jogging a pleasure. The observation seats and well marked swim lanes provide the optimum swim training centre.

Toning and Sculpting

Your swim spa can be equipped with an aquatic exercise equipment package that features modern resistance technology. Attach the resistance bands to the connector rings on the XStream to perform a complete toning program. Whether you are looking to tone, strength train or add muscle mass, the XStream will maximise your results through efficient heat dissipation and the comfortable warm water environment.

The Vita Spa XS Swim Spa

Vita Spa XS Sport Swim Spa XStream
The XS is a very large hot tub in which you can combine thermal hydrotherapy with exercise. With 2 pumps, 35 hydrotherapy jets, lights, music and 7 hot tub seats, the Vita Spa XS Sport Swim Spa is a big family fun pool for multiple use.

The Vita Spa XSR Swim Spa

Vita Spa XSR Swim Spa XStream
Designed with you in mind, the Vita Spa XSR Swim Spa XStream is perfect if you want a Swim / Exercise pool but if you also require a large hot tub, offering 4 pumps, 70 hydrotherapy jets, 6 swim jets and 7 hot tub seats.

The Vita Spa XL4 Swim Spa

Vita Spa XL4 Swim Spa XStream
With it’s full length swim / exercise area and an optional underwater running system, the XL4 Swim Spa suits all levels of ability and is ideal for all aspects of aquatic exercise and relaxation. It has 4 powerful swim jets creating great resistance for swimmers, 19 hydrotherapy jets and 3 hot tub seats.

The Vita Spa XB4 Swim Spa

Vita Spa XB4 Swim Spa XStream
Providing you with an ideal swimming facility but with added bench seating for up to 11 people, the XB4 swim spa is the perfect fun pool. 19 hydrotherapy jets, high quality sound and illuminated water features will enhance your bathing experience.

The Vita Spa XSP Swim Spa

Vita Spa XSP XStream Pro Swim Spa
Designed to meet the needs of a keen swimmer who requires more, the XSP Pro Swim Spa offers the absolute Swim Spa resistance with 6 swim jets powered by 3 pumps. With a large unrestricted exercise area, stand up massage zone, 30 hydrotherapy jets and 2 hot tub massage seats the XSP brings you the best in both spa and aqua fitness.

The Vita Spa XSD Swim Spa

Vita Spa XSD XStream Duo Pro Swim Spa
With the XSD XStream Duo Pro Swim Spa from Vita Spa you will enjoy a combination of a high quality compact 2 person spa and an impressive swim / exercise lane. Two separate operating systems will allow you to keep the swim zone at your desired exercise temperature, while maintaining your hot tub at a higher temperature.

The Vita Spa XSD Swim Spa

Automated 2-1 Swim Spa Cover Gazebos

Also on display at the Hot Tubs Hampshire showroom are the fabulous Covana 2-in-1 swim spa cover and gazebos. With a simple turn of a key, the cover rises to become the roof of a gazebo.

In a range of styles and options, the Covana range of products provide unsurpassed convenience ensuring regular and easy use of your swim spa.

Covana Swim Spa Cover